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All businesses are different, with unique products or services, goals and challenges. But one thing remains true for businesses of any type or size — you should have an independent legal advisor providing advice and counsel for various aspects of your business. The costs are too great and the risks too high to try and proceed in any business endeavor without an attorney, or to shoehorn the legal aspects of the work into someone else’s job description.

At RJW Law Office, PLLC, I provide sound legal counsel and an independent voice of reason for my clients in their various business and commercial endeavors. In addition to my work as an attorney, I have a Master’s degree in business and a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of business, finance, and commercial matters. From my office in Tulsa, I provide services that range of a single contract review to long-term service and counsel.

In today’s world, every business decision has some legal component and consequence to it. I have the experience and background to help you make sound business decisions to protect your business and help you succeed.

Handling A Range Of Legal Services

I have the background, knowledge and experience to help local small businesses and corporations in a range of legal matters.

Business Startup

I am a small business owner myself and something of a serial entrepreneur. Having started and operated several successful business ventures, I know how to help you get your business started off right. I can help you with initial planning, entity selection (whether you will operate as an LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.) documentation, contracts, real estate, funding and filing with the Secretary of State so your business will be set up on the path to long-term success.

Contract Negotiation, Drafting And Review

I handle all types of contract matters for clients in a range of industries including businesses in the oil and gas industry, the financial industry and more. As a former bank examiner, I have a nuanced understanding of how banks operate and I’ve represented both the banks themselves and their clients on a wide variety of matters. I regularly draft loan documents for specific transactions, review and negotiate loan terms and act as a consultant to banks throughout Oklahoma.

Whether your business is within the financial sector or another industry, my knowledge of how contracts work can help mitigate future problems and set your company up to thrive. Working with someone who can provide review and counsel regarding potential contractual agreements can be a great safety net from getting into a bad contract.

Long-Term Services

I also serve as a long-term consultant for small and mid-sized businesses. Many business concerns can’t afford a full legal team on staff but still need ongoing legal support in various ways. I provide exceptional legal oversight and counsel, risk management, best practices, ongoing contractual work, valuation work, purchase and sale agreements and a variety of other legal services.

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I take an approach to the law that is both professional and personable. I provide top-notch legal service and I also treat my clients like family.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help your business succeed. Call 918-236-1966 or email me.