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A Trusted Legal Partner

When dealing with complex legal matters like business law, oil and gas law or estate planning, you need more than just legal expertise. Although it is critical for your attorney to know the law, you need someone who will partner with you, take your interests seriously and remain committed to getting the outcome you need.

My name is Rich Wilson, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, attorney focused on partnering with my clients. Whether I am handling cases involving oil and gas, any other type of commercial and business law matter, or helping someone create an estate plan, my goals are the same. I want to build a long-term working relationship by providing exceptional legal representation.

Diverse Background And Experience

I opened RJW Law Office, PLLC, in 2016. I have been practicing law for six years and I have extensive experience and education in business and financial matters that include:

  • JD from the University of Tulsa College of Law, with a concentration in Energy and Corporate Law
  • Master’s degree in business from Southern Methodist University
  • Experience as an FDIC bank examiner, a bank vice president and a financial consultant for 14 years
  • Experience working in a drilling rig finance office

I have a thorough understanding of business law, business finance and the complexities of oil and gas law.

A Human Approach

In addition to the unique knowledge and experience I provide for my clients, I take a personable, human approach. Beneath all the numbers, contracts and date are human beings building working relationships based on trust and loyalty.

Whenever possible, it is advantageous for businesses and individuals of all kinds to have long-term working relationships with their attorneys. When you work with the same lawyer for a long time, you get the benefit of efficient, effective service and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your lawyer understands your goals.

At RJW Law Office, PLLC, I maintain a familial atmosphere where my clients are happy working together for years.

Contact RJW Law Office, PLLC

I am happy to discuss your legal needs. Call my office anytime at 918-236-1966 or send me an email to schedule a consultation.

Photo of Richard Wilson
Photo of Richard Wilson